Who is Louise Bloomfield? A bio:

Louise Bloomfield belongs to a rare breed of people possessing significant business skills and deep experience, underpinned by an enquiring mind capable of rapid analysis and comprehension. She proudly raises the banner proclaiming that in order to be successful and relevant to businesses, accountants must also be advisors, for which they require wide ranging additional talents and skills.

Louise is highly qualified in her profession, holding a Bachelor of Commerce and Fellowships in both the IPA (Institute of Public Accountants) and NTAA (National Tax Agents Association). She has both the resources and experience in business to know how to take a struggling business and make it thrive.

A Tasmanian through and through, she studied at the University of Tasmania, initially in Pharmacy following advice from her parents, before finally daring to follow her dream in Accounting, which resulted in her graduating with a Commerce Degree in 1995.

Louise has worked in and around small to medium sized businesses since the early age of 17. She has enjoyed varied early career experiences and challenges which helped hone her business acumen and people skills in later years. These included roles as a graduate accountant for a tax agent, office manager, training & development officer at the Huon Skillshare and Adult Education in South Hobart where she was approached to design courses and train clients in small business skills. Louise was even commissioned to write a book on writing business plans at a time when online learning was just being established. She was also involved in preparing unemployed people for the NIES scheme. This resulted in a lifelong passion for helping small businesses.

In 1998 due to client demand Louise propelled herself with great confidence into the world of accounting and business ownership. She founded accountancy practice Bloomfield & Associates which has grown to become one of the most highly regarded and successful CBD-based accountancy firms in Hobart, admired by clients and colleagues alike.

As a contractor rather than an employee it was a technically more complex road to obtaining accreditations post university. It meant that she would work under the direction of many accountants and accounting firms over a larger number of years to establish her experience needed. However, being at the client coalface rather than sequestered in a firm provided far broader experience and skill sets normally acquired by trainee accountants.
Mentoring support and setting up accounting systems expanded into book keeping and significant accounting and administration roles with clients she nurtured and grew under her care.

In 2000 she became one of the first 20 BAS agents authorised in Australia and later, given her demonstrated skills liaising and working under instruction with many tax agent firms on behalf of their clients, it was recommended she apply for a tax agent licence. This was duly awarded in 2010.

An ability to lead, network and inspire people has led to her being appointed as President in two high profile business networking groups for the past 6 years. In recent she founded the Confederation of Greater Hobart Business Ltd – based on the constitutional structure from the Hobart Chamber of Commerce but modernized.

In recent years Louise was asked to MC the first Legalwise Seminar for Accountants in Tasmania. She also pushed for stronger education for Accountants and Lawyers alike for the practical understanding and use of the PPSR legislation amongst the business community as she felt it held important strategic advantage for the small business when dealing with insolvency.

For 3 years Louise was a guest lecturer for second year Auditing Students at the University of Tasmania under Professor Roger Willett when she explained the real life application of integrity in professional life. The lecture notes were then converted to an article “Integrity – the new V Word’ and published in a national women’s magazine.

Louise’s accountancy success is underpinned by 3 defining areas

Tax – providing tax strategies that are both practical as well as tax efficient.

Turnaround solutions – minimising risk, educating business owners and careful financial analysis – which has resulted in Louise achieving several major successes for clients across varied industries including transforming a small agricultural client into a successful industrial company with $million profitability, and elevating a distressed hotel owner from break even to owning several hotels and multiple commercial properties and enjoying $million profitability. She also helped a small tourism operator expand into the larger business world and attract significant success and recognition.

Human Resources – wage calculations and advice on hiring, firing and disciplinary measures following wide experience of managing many client employees over the years. Her firm vicariously looks after over 500 employees for their client base – and with careful education and support issues with Fairwork are kept to a minimum.

Louise is driven by an unwavering belief that integrity, ethics, professionalism and fairness are non-negotiable and are the cornerstones which have supported her business since its inception, and by which she has attracted a comprehensive and loyal client base. In a world where ethics can be thin on the ground, it is not unusual for her to refuse to work with a client she has identified as not matching up to her standards.

In the rare moments of personal life – Louise has also developed a love for learning to race her prized Porsche – and hopes to participate in Targa Tasmania next year. Being member of Porsche Club Tasmania until recently – it had been the support, education and comradery that this club provided that has allowed her to dare consider achieving such a dream.

With the understanding and commitment to ‘giving back’ and creating in her eyes a ‘kinder community’ – she is a member Rotary North Hobart and a Divisionary Advisory Councillor for the Tasmanian Division of the Institute of Public Accountants. Louise is the Chairman for the Confederation of Greater Hobart Business Ltd – a chamber of commerce accommodating across the Greater Hobart area.

Louise considers herself incredibly fortunate to have a loving husband of 22 years – Paul Daniels – and 2 daughters – Avril (25) and Grace (20)

One day she will get back into that vegetable garden at home ….